Curriculum & Approach


Our curriculum & approach is to create a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which every child has the opportunity to reach the highest levels of their potential, in all aspects of their learning.

 In particular:

✔ Foster the positive social and emotional development of each child to enable them to grow personally, as well as intellectually, and for them to feel like valuable members of their community and society.

✔ Foster the children’s self-esteem and confidence through encouragement and positive feedback, so they become increasingly independent as learners.

✔ Provide a secure and enriching environment where learning can take place with enjoyment.

✔ Provide opportunities that encourage the children to work co-operatively together.

✔ Provide a safe and happy school, with a fair and just atmosphere, in which everyone is valued and respected.

✔ An exciting and engaging curriculum that promotes a love of learning.

✔ Opportunities to become self-confident, responsible, well prepared life-long learners and responsible citizens.

✔ Be eager to seek knowledge outside the classroom, especially in sports, music and performing arts.

✔ Everyone in the school has the right to develop their full potential in all aspects of their learning.

✔ Encourage pupils to learn to value and be valued as individuals. In this way, we seek to work with parents and carers to fulfill each child’s intellectual, spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.

✔ Provide a broad, balanced, challenging and creative curriculum, which meets individual needs.

✔ Build self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence in order to achieve success.

✔ Raise expectations so that every child can pursue excellence in everything they try and strive to do their best

✔ Empower children to better themselves through the knowledge that they are valued and respected by all. Value curiosity, encourages a questioning attitude and promotes a love of life-long learning.

✔ Encourage risk-taking in our learning and learn from our mistakes.

✔ Foster a safe, happy environment, where everyone is valued and everyone is respected